The Last Chance Saloon

We are poised on the cusp that I wrote about in my book ‘Whispering Winds of Change‘. I said that the world splits into two parabolas of evolutions. One is cold, cruel, dogmatic and elitist; the other is open, warm

Straights of Hormuz Silliness

Eminent journalist say that Iran may block the Straights of Hormuz if there is a war. 18 million barrels of oil pass through there every day. It’s all silliness. Iran doesn’t have a navy to speak of; they can’t just

False Flag Attacks

A false flag attack is when a state makes an attack and blames it on another state or other forces. One famous false flag attack was the burning of the Reichstag in Germany (1933) that was fire bombed by Hitler’s

Communicating Silently

I have come to know through watching the etheric state (the bioelectric energy field we walk around in) that we are all in a silent, subliminal dialogue with each other. I’ve observed the flashes of energy that pass back and

Magnetic Pole Shift

The magnetic north pole is moving very fast, 40 miles a year. People think there will be a magnetic pole shift and north will go to south. I’ve seen a lot of visions on it recently. The solar minimum is when