The Mormon’s Magic Underpants

It’s possible that Mormon Mitt Romney may become President of the United States. Mormons believe God lives on a planet called Kolab. They also believe that black people sinned in another incarnation, so that is why they were born black

Healings Vancouver, Italy, Ireland,

I did 91 healings at Kelowna BC. And later I went to Cranbrook and did some there (25), one lady drove from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan to Cranbrook BC, a distance of 2012 klms round trip. Bless her. I’ve done 2411

On Healing Gout

A testimonial about healing gout. “Since late 80’s I have had serious experiences with gout and have had to take several types of medications over the years, although by becoming mostly vegetarian (occasional fish) the occurrences of Gout decreased to some

Softness and Beauty in the Eye of the Storm

The only safety is in softness and beauty. Now that the Forces of Light have fought their way in here, it will take four years for them to bring the global-ego to its realizations. It has to be shown its

The Shimmering

There is a portal to a Camelot heaven that look like a net of pentagonal pieces that are silver in color, there is a wolf guarding it. The Shimmering Door is Guarded by a Wolf It oscillates at 240 cycles