The New World Order is Dead and Gone

Banned Stuie Wilde Video

These kind people at a YouTube Channel called Snordelans – – made an illustrated You Tube of an article I wrote about the New World Order. I said it was the reign of perverts. Google banned the video but they must have

Mice Can Sing in Tune

It has been discovered that mice can sing in tune with each other, those little squeaks behind the wall, all mean something. I wondered what they sing, so I put a glass against the wall of my hotel room, I

Picnics on the San Diego Freeway

Conflict resolution usually involves a mediator getting the antagonistic parties to meet in the middle ground. I have been concerned about the possible war with Iran. I wondered why Gaia (the spirit of nature) didn’t step in with a massive

Healing the Victim of a Murder Attempt

I met a woman in Las Vegas at the gig, who had such an interesting tale to tell. She had survived a murder attempt, she woke to find a man in her bedroom. Luckily she was able to raise an