Taos-Questa Road, Riddled with UFOs

Triumph of the Celestial

It is easy to become oppressed by the Police State, the fascists in power, rules and regulations, the economy, and all the special people that promote state-sponsored violence, but the…


Russian City Eaten Alive by Giant Sinkholes

The Russian city being ‘eaten alive’: Cars, buses, and trucks disappear beneath the earth as they are swallowed by giant sinkholes   Citizens of Samara live in daily fear of…

China Bird Flu

Avian Flu is Bio Warfare says Chinese Colonel

Here below is an article about a Chinese colonel that says Avian flu is in fact an America flu. The colonel says the latest bird flu virus is a U.S. biological…


Large Maui Crowd Takes on Monsanto

Source:  Susan Halas, The Maui Weekly Strength in numbers: anti-GMO march draws thousands on Valley Isle.   The march to protest the agricultural practices of agribusiness giant Monsanto Corp. drew an…

ikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is currently confined to the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he sought asylum

WikiLeaks Releases Kissinger Cables as part of 1.7 million US Diplomatic Records

He may have been confined to London’s Ecuadorean Embassy for almost a year, but Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks website published its latest work today: more than 1.7 million US diplomatic communications…


14 Ways to Cleanse the Body from Toxins

14 WAYS TO CLEANSE THE BODY FROM CHEMTRAILS, GMOS, FLOURIDATED WATER, AND OTHER ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS Source:  RiseEarth From the chemtrails being sprayed over our neighborhoods to the poisons killing our…


Fear and Loathing at the Supermarket

I don’t like supermarkets very much; there’s too much emotion and survival issues. The trolleys act as Zimmer frames for the psychiatrically disturbed. I asked this charming young man who…


Down the Pan in Japan

Japan is in deep doo doo. They have massive debts and the tsunami affected them greatly. The yen has fallen 10-12% in a month, which is a lot, their debt…

AFP Photo / Gabriel Bouys

How the Matrix is Dying

The sub-human zombie politicians and the Police State try to give the impression that they are all powerful, but in truth, their Matrix of violence and control is fatally wounded….

Hell in Paradise...try Majorca instead

The Power of 20 Million Protestors

http://www.avaaz.org/en/ is a massive Internet site with 20 million members. They organize petitions against corruption and evil. A 15 year old girl that was raped in the Maldives was sentenced to…