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Is the Queen About to Fall?

There is something happening to the Queen, as I’ve seen her in visions several times a day over the last few days. That happened just before Pope Benedict fell. Maybe…


Bilderberg’s Assassinations and Terrorism Claims Italian Judge

Source The Bilderbergers are a shadowy group of elitists that meet from time to time to discuss their plans for world domination. All the top leaders in the world…


Nine Foods to Avoid

Source: With so much misinformation out there about food and how it affects human health, making healthy food choices for you and your family can be difficult and confusing….

The Feminine

Game’s Up in Sweden for Sex Trade

Sweden’s innovative sex-trade laws criminalise clients, not prostitutes. The result: a 70 per cent drop in business. Joan Smith jumps in a squad car with local police to find out…


A Voice From Heaven Panis Angelicus Video

  Stuart Wilde Audio Lecture Series & Meditations Find Stuart Wilde’s Australian published audio lecture series and meditations on CD at the Quiet Earth web site—featuring a large selection of…


The Day Goliath Got Stoned

By Stuart Wilde In the Biblical story of David and the giant Goliath, David knocks him out with a stone fired from a sling and then he cuts off his…


The Iron Lady, May She Rust in Peace

The funeral of Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady as she was known, is next Wednesday. I saw this headline above I thought it quirky. She won the Falklands war and she…


Obama’s Grey Hair

I saw Obama on telly, his hair has gone grey almost overnight. The “God Rot Our King” video has gone to 57,000 views. When it gets to 100,000… I reckon…

Jim Sinclair

Important Developments in Gold and Silver

  Here is a piece below by the gold guru Jim Sinclair about how the crisis in the yen will drive gold and silver up. Stuart Wilde    …


Fear is a Pornography We don’t Need

We suffer under a pornography of fear, it’s a state sponsored religion, a “blackwash” driven by the agenda oriented bent media that seeks to manipulate people’s ideas and feelings. Fear…