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Gerald Celente On Korea, and the Cyprus Bank Heist

Gerald Celente on North Korea and the American industrial war machine that hasn’t won a war since World War II… and he talks about the Cyprus bank heist. Gerald is always so interesting. Stuart Wilde. Stuart Wilde Books & CDs

Enter the Chubby One, Lobster in Hand

The “Chubby One” of North Korea said he’d nuke the USA on March 17th, but his supply of lobsters went missing and he went into a bit of a pout. Now, he says he’ll nuke Austin, Texas. I like Austin,

The Divisions of Revelation

I go through about 100 Internet articles and a dozen YouTubes a day looking for snippets my readers might like. A lot of it is rants, and people pitted against each other. Then many sites write about the Police State

Missile Shields–Tee Hee

The US has delivered (free) a missile shield to protect Israel, it’s called the Iron Dome. It includes Patriot missiles that have the extraordinary record of never ever having hit an incoming missile ever.  Source Press TV: As American President Barack

Bashar got Bashed–He May Be Slightly Dead

I said some weeks ago (Feb 18th) that I saw a vision that Bashar al-Assad of Syria would fall immediately. Reports say he was shot yesterday by a guard. See below. “Onwards and Downwards” …as the King of the Mice often