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Fake Blood in NBC News Video in Boston

This fascinating short 36 sec video shows how the blood at the scene in Boston was faked by NBC. Creepy lies eh? Check it out see what you think. SW Click for video clip:   Boston Conspiracy goes viral

Department of Homeland Insecurity… Insider said…

There has been a DHS insider saying on Canada Free Press that there is a take down of the dollar planned and that it would begin by the end of March–mid April with a dip in the metals. I don’t

Civilian Militia in 38 States in the USA

I predicted the rise of a citizens’ militia in the US to protect people from their government and Federal forces. Here is a story of how they now have chapters in 38 states. Stuart Wilde Source Beforeitsnewscom  A citizen

The Iron Lady, May She Rust in Peace

The funeral of Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady as she was known, is next Wednesday. I saw this headline above I thought it quirky. She won the Falklands war and she crushed the power of the corrupt unions and she allowed

Obama’s Grey Hair

I saw Obama on telly, his hair has gone grey almost overnight. The “God Rot Our King” video has gone to 57,000 views. When it gets to 100,000… I reckon his head will fall off. Tee hee…Onwards and downwards as