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Election Fraud, American Style

The Presidential election may come down to a war between Deilbold voting machines because they can be easily hacked. So the man who has the most machines under his control wins the White House. The electorate are not really involved.

The Jews & Global Cattle Populations

The Jews are very twitchy if anyone criticizes them or Israel, journalists that don’t agree politically are often fired, or they are falsely labeled as racists. But the Jews refer to non-Jews as goyim (cattle), and their Holy Books allow

The Word Sword

Trevor Ravenscroft who wrote the best seller, “The Spear of Destiny”, first told me about the Solar Logos, which he said was a celestial light that would land on earth to redeem us. He said the Returned Jesus was a part

(War Crimes) Politics is Boring, Except When it’s Utterly Fascinating

I posted a story (see link below) about how Blair and George Bush have been convicted of war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC), and how there are warrants out for their arrest and that it has not made

Internet Lock Down

Regulars here will note I’ve been writing fast and furious recently, I’m worried the Internet will be restricted soon. I like to give you the metaphysical take on things when I can, as that is often the story behind the