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Falling Dominoes–King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Clinically Dead

I saw King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (pictured here) three times this week in visions. I didn’t know what it meant, then I read he is clinically dead on life support at a hospital in Riyadh. He wasn’t famous for

Grand Lies, Legal Lies

Kennedy, Diana, Princess of Wales, 911, The Federal Reserve, High-speed trading, the Oklahoma Bombing, the My Lai massacre, UFOs, Voting Machines, the Moon walks, the Trojan Horse, Weapons of mass destruction – Iraq, Colin Powell’s anthrax scare, Art forgeries, Ponzi

Amazing Chemtrail Ever

This one is strange, it’s black and gold…. check this article out: © 2012 — Stuart Wilde. — All rights reserved.

Gaza & the Talmud’s Death Wish YouTube

The people at the Snordelhans channel at YouTube made my recent article, “Gaza & the Talmud Death Wish”, into a YouTube. (See Video Below).  It has already had 5,631 hits within a few days.

The White Horse of Revelation

The White Horse in the Book of Revelation appears with a rider on its back, he has a bow; they go forth and conquer. I saw a vision of it in the US Congress, I don’t know how it might bring down the