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A Few People Don’t Agree

The Status Quo and the bent politicians and the false media trundle on, as if nothing has happened, but there are a few people out there, several billion of them, that don’t quite agree with things as they are. Zbigniew

Power Poles Mysteriously Began Bursting Into Flames in Five Texas Counties

Stuff is still bursting into flames as discussed last week in Technology of the Gods. Stuart Wilde Article from Rumor Mill: Power poles in as many as five Central Texas counties were burning Thursday morning and authorities were trying

End of the World…Not yet and Not soon…

There are reports of the end of the world hysteria in Russia. It’s silly. The Mayan five thousand year long-count ends Dec 21st but they never had the chance to develop a new count. The Mayans were extraordinarily cruel. They

The Massive Power of the Alternative Media

The big media networks NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN are dying, and the BBC in London has been ridiculed into submission because of their biased reporting of the Middle East and their protection of pedophiles in their midst. Every few

Palestine Finally Recognized by the UN

Palestine has been recognized as an independent state by the UN after many years of trying. The vote was 138-9. Britain and 40 other countries abstained. Their new status allows them to join the International Criminal Court, which you may