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Tolemac Flag & the Word Sword

A women told me she was looking at her flag and she saw the Word Sword overlaid in front of it. We created a grid with the flags, there are…


47 States Now Want to Secede from the Union

David Martosko, who writes at the Daily Caller says, 47 states now want to secede from the Union of the United States of America, which would leave just three states…


Individual States Leaving the Union

I said in the 1990s in my book Whispering Winds of Change that I felt Texas and the Southern States would leave the Union, I also felt Alaska would leave…


How to Stop Facebook from Tracking You

Facebook is really scary, they track you after you leave their site, and it’s been reported they have installed face recognition softwear that digitalizes your image and sends it to…


World Peace is Almost Here says Harvard Professor

Is world peace possible? Ten years ago I saw a vision of a butterfly land on a tank and tip it upside down. As countries run out of money, wars…

Flu Shots are Particularly Dangerous for Older People and Children

Flu Shots are a Scam & Very Dangerous

The scam about the HIN1 flu shots is very sneaky, it has been enormously exposed (See Alex Jones video below). It causes convulsions in children and it makes people very…


40 Extraordinary Facts Hard to Believe

Once you go down the rabbit hole, you will discover things that most people don’t know. Here are 40 outrageous facts that most people are clueless about. 1. The IRS…

Yawnsome Times

US Election…It’s Rigged Surprise Suprise!

A TV station in the US published the results of the Presidential elections as a crawler under their broadcast screen, three weeks before the event. See video below. Fascinating stuff….

powel and netan -1

Warmageddon: The Half Time Show

We are in the half time show of Warmageddon. Madonna is coming on dressed in black sequins to do a sexy routine with a chop stick. Netanyahu, the prime minister…

Shells Destroying Russian TV station Gaza

Israel & Russia a New Conflict

Sometimes when I see visions they are so outlandish and unusual I have trouble comprehending them. Six months ago I said Russia might rub out Israel and solve all the…