Category: World Destiny

Birds Strike Delta Plane

I posted a vision I had on March 17th of a bird strike, it happened today to a Delta flight in the US. Here is what I wrote Here is the BBC video of today’s incident

Japan Plans to Evacuate 40 Million People

Japan is making ready to evacuate 40 million people, and they are thinking of sending 10 million to China to inhabit the Chinese ghost cities that have been built in remote areas that lie vacant and abandoned. Stuart Wilde

The Bonfire of the Vanities

Tom Wolfe wrote a famous book called, The Bonfire of the Vanities, it was a book about the collapse of a man’s ego. Two nights ago I saw the City of London financial district, golden flames engulfed it, a voice

The Bull

I woke and saw a vision of a bull, it was enormous, rampant, triumphant. It was huge, its head was the size of a small car. Spain is finished and bullfighting will end. The Spanish ten year bonds are trading

Jesus and the Chicken Again

I saw Jesus and the chicken again yesterday. This time the chicken was in mid-air; it looked all crippled and scrunched up, so I felt the vision said the Avian Flu will be defeated. Stuart Wilde Here is what i