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The Day Goliath Got Stoned

By Stuart Wilde In the Biblical story of David and the giant Goliath, David knocks him out with a stone fired from a sling and then he cuts off his head. In the film V for Vendetta, Mr. V’s slingshot is

Train Spotting through the Souls of the Dead

By Stuart Wilde I went to Kings Cross tube station to pray for the souls of those that were murdered on 7/7/2005. There is a tiny plaque on the wall there. Then I took a train on the Piccadilly line

Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Illuminati

Source: by Zen Gardner, If you’ve ever wondered how the Elite conspirators can really believe what they believe and still live with themselves, this is how. It boils down to one common mindset, where there is no good or bad,

Fascinating 911 Question

It’s common knowledge the official 911 story is a Grand Lie and the towers were hit by guided military aircraft and the Pentagon was hit by a missile fired by a US Air Force jet. Two of the 911 planes

Mexico Turn Around is Possible

Source Daily Mail on Sunday/AP When I was in Mexico seven years ago, I got robbed by a policeman for $475.00. I could see how the country would degrade under the influence of the crimes gangs and the corrupt officials.