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Dead Astronomers’ Mystery

                  The most dangerous job in the world today is being an astronomer, if your field is deep space and gravity perturbations in the orbits of planets. A perturbation occurs when an

What the Earth Sounds Like

If we had ears that could hear radio frequencies, we’d hear the sound of the earth in space. It sounds like bird calls like the ones I do when I’m doing the healings on people. Hear the sound of the

Magnetic Pole Shift

The magnetic north pole is moving very fast, 40 miles a year. People think there will be a magnetic pole shift and north will go to south. I’ve seen a lot of visions on it recently. The solar minimum is when

Nibiru Video (short)

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Two Suns in the Sky

I was watching the sun set behind some hills, there were trees between the hills and where I was standing, so the sunlight was diffused as it passed through the branches and leaves. I saw what looked like a second