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Spiritual Practices, the Mobius Strip

Scientists calculated mathematically that the Universe is either, a smooth ball shape, or a lumpy ball, or a saddle shape. In the Aluna Mirror-Worlds one is shown that the saddle shape is correct. It the Pringle shape. The Mobius strip

Big Shock to Big Bang | Space News

I’ve said years ago the Big Bang theory would be disproved eventually. Here is a vid (7.28 mins) on the latest discoveries and the doubts they have caused. Very interesting developments. Stuart Wilde Source

Evidence of A Parallel Universe

Science is coming round to the idea that there is a parallel universe to this one. Myself and others have been watching it for eleven years in trance, of course visions and trance are not empirical evidence.What science has not

Tens of Thousands Converge in Australia for the Eclipse, 13th/14th November

Thousands are converging on Northern Australia for the eclipse tonight, it’s at 10.08 GMT London time. Read more: © 2012 — Stuart Wilde. — All rights reserved. The Mystery of the Sacred O A collaboration between renowned new age author

Physicists Say There May Be a Way to Prove That We Live in a Matrix

This is interesting, it describes research on worlds that are even smaller than the nano-scale. Stuart Wilde © 2012 — Stuart Wilde. — All rights reserved. Stuart Wilde Audio Lecture Series & Meditations Find Stuart Wilde’s Australian published audio lecture