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Tsung Tsung Child Piano Prodigy Aged 5

This kid is brilliant I love the way he grins and laughs with his dad. (3.53) Stuart Wilde


Underwater Pyramid in Caribbean

Terrence Aym …Source The Bermuda Triangle: mysterious, unworldly, sometimes deadly. For decades intrepid researchers delved into the maze of mysteries hidden deep within this most enigmatic place on Earth….


War Stories

  (Image: As our leaders get more and more demonically possessed their ego-specialness flares, they will want to go to war. Of course, they won’t fight themselves; the working…


Global Warming In Chicago

Enough said. sw (Source

Eddie Izzard

Detaching our Societies from the Moral Anchors of Christianity

Snordelhans, who make brilliant videos on You Tube have a new one called “The Disposable People”. It makes a very powerful comment that the politicians and the violence of the…

SW_2012 Holiday Card(1)

The Weekly Wilde-Avoiding the Collective Krama

Your waking intellect (your personality) brings to you an instant karma. For example, if you are diligent and responsible, life tends to treat you the same way. If you’re uncaring…

V mask Ams

Spontaneous Healings In Amsterdam & Non-Hodgkin’s Cure

Someone sent us some V masks as gifts so we wore them at the gig in Amsterdam for a laugh. The gig went brilliantly. The spontaneous healings on the spot…


The Wilde Weekly–The Kali Yuga Age of Destruction

  The Wilde Weekly article is at: