Category: UFOs / Transdimensionals

Protection from Entities

The entities that plague this human evolution are normally invisible to the naked eye; they are beings in the etheric that feed off humans. They include what we know as UFOs, which I have said elsewhere are not solid, they

Bad Moon Rising…UFOs

I saw a vision of the moon, it was covered in dark fractals and there were two large chariot wheels on the surface. The chariot wheels signify UFOs, like Ezekiel’s chariots in the sky in the Bible.   Seems like

Jennifer Aniston & the Lizards

Jennifer Aniston is engaged to be married, love is blind. Come back Brad all is forgiven ! © 2012 — Stuart Wilde. — All rights reserved.   The Spirit of Lavender “One of the world’s most beautiful flowers yields a small

Crop Circles

The crop circles will end eventually. They are a complex ghoul feed but they are interesting none-the-less. © 2012 — Stuart Wilde. — All rights reserved.

Secret Societies and the Black Arts

This is another of the Conspiracy Theories I’ve been doing recently. SW The secret societies like the Bildebergers are coagulated power trips, black goop, made of people that feel especially selected. It’s a disease I call, ‘The Cult of the