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Avalon Mist Protection Spray

The Avalon Mist Protection Spray

Sorry, this product has been discontinued. After Tony Blair came up with his non-existent, exploding liquid threat, the airlines eventually prohibited the posting of liquids via the post office. It’s rather sad because people loved this product and it really worked

How We Use the Golden Garlic

Readers are writing in asking how to use the garlic. In Cooking: Put a tablespoon in soups or a stir fry. It’s beyond delicious. Daily Use: If your immune system is a bit shot, spread two cloves on a cracker

More Tolemac Flags

There are 140 Tolemac flags ’round the world, and we now have a few of them back in stock. They are Euro 99 (see below). It’s a grid of light we are making, at night I send energy through my

Golden Garlic

I use garlic as an antibiotic but here is a technical bit on its properties from The Mail on LIne on London: Lifesaver: Garlic oil contains an ingredient, diallyl trisulphide, that has the power to prevent the destruction of heart

Etna Blows

Two days after I saw the trouble in Sicily vision that I posted here, Etna blew it’s top. Interesting eh? ‘According to the Catania Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology, the column of ash sent up on Friday reached 5,000 meters