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Quiet Earth Music and Downloads

Chris Wild was the sound man at the ‘Warrior’s Wisdom’ seminars and at the ‘Warriors in the Mist’, late 1980s to early 1990s. He’s a loyal mate. He’s collected a range of my audios and downloads over the years and

Tolemac Flag & the Word Sword

A women told me she was looking at her flag and she saw the Word Sword overlaid in front of it. We created a grid with the flags, there are about 150-200 ’round the world. I link into the flag

The Fringe Dwellers Guide to Almost Everything – Stuart Wilde

Hi Dear Readers, I have a fab new audio tapes series out of my last Las Vegas appearance called “The Fringe Dwellers Guide to Almost Everything – Stuart Wilde Live in Las Vegas.” People seem to really really like it.

Warrior’s Prayer Card

Stuart has touched and blessed each and every card. People use them as a form of remote healing and protection. They read the prayer and place the card on their body where there is pain, or on their heart if

Avalon Mist Protection Spray

The Avalon Mist Protection Spray

Sorry, this product has been discontinued. After Tony Blair came up with his non-existent, exploding liquid threat, the airlines eventually prohibited the posting of liquids via the post office. It’s rather sad because people loved this product and it really worked