Category: SW Prophetic Visions

The Purple Spark

I saw a contraption like the arm of a crane, it held a purple glowing ball that gave off powerful sparks. I heard the word ‘traction”. The ball was very eternal in its feeling. I realized that when that ball

The Purple Road

Wow! I saw an amazing inspirational vision, it was a purple road with a cross on it, it was deep, deep purple like the picture here. A new protection has come around and I’m being less banged about by the

Pyramid Building SF

Two days ago, I saw a vision of a celestial hand come down and strike the pyramid building in San Francisco. The top of the spire rattled a bit, then it fell off, and the whole building collapsed. I have

The Bonfire of the Vanities

Tom Wolfe wrote a famous book called, The Bonfire of the Vanities, it was a book about the collapse of a man’s ego. Two nights ago I saw the City of London financial district, golden flames engulfed it, a voice

The Cat’s Back!

One of the first major visions in year 2001, was a video clip that appeared mysteriously on the wall of a friend’s sitting room in England. There was no projector or DVD player in the room. I watched a 45