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The Second Coming Came

After I saw the celestial light we call the Solar Logos land on earth at midnight on June 21st 2011 (see archives: The Landing of the Solar Logos), I immediately saw a complex four-color HD vision of Jesus’ arrival. Author

The Hovering Madonna

(Dear Readers: Sorry this one is a bit long. I usually try to keep my pieces to 750 words or less, but I can’t tell the story of my Madonna visions without including all the relevant components). On January 1st

Somalian Tiddlywinks Team

The Somalian Tiddlywinks team is at the Olympics today. I told ’em I’m a tiddlywinks champ and that I could pass as a Somalian provided the lights are not too bright. I so hope they win the gold. People say

On the Road Again

I’m on the road again, the horse is called Ackroid. I really love it but it farts too much. I’ll have to talk to a horse trainer I know about New Age diets for horses. In 2009 I saw several

Christian Fundamentalists–Raise the Plord!

Christian fundamentalist think they know it all and that they are right. When people are dogmatic and they think they are right, say to them “You are right.” It’s nice to make people happy. One day I was looking out