Category: SW Prophetic Visions

Tall Gods in the Water in Holland, Vision

I saw a vision of the harbor at Amsterdam, there were huge Gods in the water like Greek statues and beside them was the black horse of Revelation with the scales of justice. I think I saw the vision because

Black Snow & White Foot Steps

I saw a vision of a street and its sidewalk, it was covered with black snow. There was a lady walking along, she left bright, white, celestial footsteps behind her. People understand the light in them goes outwards to others,

Picnics on the San Diego Freeway

Conflict resolution usually involves a mediator getting the antagonistic parties to meet in the middle ground. I have been concerned about the possible war with Iran. I wondered why Gaia (the spirit of nature) didn’t step in with a massive

300 Strange Visions, 911 and the Irish Holy Lands

In the last few nights I have seen hundreds of visions one after the next — ballistic! I heard “The time has come” and I saw many walls of fire, massive explosions and rockets and boats burning. I saw a

The Devil’s Army & the False Prophets

On an Aya journey I saw the devil’s armies. There were two hundred beings shoulder-to-shoulder stretching back for miles, hundreds of thousands of beings like soldiers standing to attention. There was an army to my right and another to my