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Last Scene of Fight Club

I saw a very clear vision of the last scene of Fight Club, when Edward Norton is talking to Marla saying, “You met me at a very strange time in…

Stuart Wilde_funny_Salute

Hurting America will Go Horribly Wrong

I wanted to make an audio for the New Year, but I didn’t know what to say, all I’ve seen is visions of false flag attacks and explosions, huge explosions,…


The Key Maker From the Matrix

In the Matrix Reloaded film, the Key Maker is one of the sentient programs, that is a rogue to the system. He carves shortcut keys that allows a person to move…


Diana Story Update –Land Mines (Vallon)

I posted all my Diana visions recently, she was killed by lethal injection, I don’t think people know that. Click link:  But, here is a new update: One of the…

The Silence of the Setting Sun

The Winter Solstice is the most sacred day of the year in the Taoist calender. It marks the end of the Old Sun and the birth of the New Sun….


New Diana Story

I saw nine visions of the death of Diana, one vision played as a video clip in my mind’s eye. The clip repeated itself over and over for four hours….

God of the Sky

I saw a series of fourteen visions, that played as full-color video clips that appeared in my mind’s eye, each vision lasted about 90-120 seconds. They were visions of a…

SW_Kennedy1 copy

President Kennedy Assassination Pictures

I was shown in 2009 in close up, some HD visions that played in slow motion that showed President Kennedy was shot by Governor Connally, who was sitting in front…

Yasser Arafat

Yasser Arafat Vision

Six months before the Palestine leader Yasser Arafat died (2004), I saw a vision of him face down on the ground, I realized he was going to be murdered. People…

Shells Destroying Russian TV station Gaza

Israel & Russia a New Conflict

Sometimes when I see visions they are so outlandish and unusual I have trouble comprehending them. Six months ago I said Russia might rub out Israel and solve all the…