Category: SW Prophetic Visions

High Waters

: High water was the main theme of the visions I saw in 2010, there was one or more visions of waters rising 30-150 feet every few days throughout whole year. And the pole shift visions have come in this

The Talking Tap

Splish splash I was takin’ a bath All upon a Saturday night … …when I had a really strange auditory ESP experience. The taps were running slowly and gurgling as the water came through. The noise was like the crackle

Gulf Oil, the Burning Ship—Again

Back in September 2006 I saw a vision of a rocket hit a ship in the Gulf, then last year I saw it again twice, I posted the vision in my annual predictions, and last night I saw a missile

Mexico City Earthquake

Woolly Mammoth

Three weeks ago, I saw a HD four-color vision of two woolly mammoths on the side of a road, by some sacred stones in Ireland. They were galloping about playing, it was so enchanting to see, so graceful. Yesterday, I