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Time with the Visions in Vision Land

The main theme this last week has been the Queen and her husband pictured here; something may happen soon as I see them many times a day. A document will come out about the murder of Diana and Dodi. It’s in

The Super Knowing

By Stuart Wilde I saw a vision of the little lanes in Brighton, England, it was a corner. I thought it was in front of a bank and then I heard “reptiles”. I went there this weekend to rearrange the local

St. George

I discovered some years ago that humans are surrounded by two bands of darkness that I named the inner and outer matrix. The inner matrix is the thoughts of evil humans, which looks like black soot, I call it the

200,000 Visions and Reincarnation

I’ve documented 200,000 visions. Some of the visions in the early days were ghoul feeds, they fire fear at you so that is how you know it’s them; they are vile. They seek to control information, or they corrupt information,

The Da Vinci’s Painting

I saw as clear as day two large grey metal doors, they swing open, there were two children about twelve years old behind them pushing the heavy doors. I heard a voice say “For the first time ever…” Beyond the doors