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Never Doubt Humanity–Brave Humans Saving Others (video)

Hope springs eternal in the human heart. Here is a very moving video of brave people rescuing others. It’s called ‘2 Shocking’ but its title doesn’t really explain the contents of the vid’.  Stuart Wilde © 2012 — Stuart Wilde.


Fortitude is linked to honor in a way that you may not have thought about before. If you are covertly dishonorable there will be a fracture in your etheric like a diagonal line that moves very fast in a shifty

Perception and the Force of Will

I write books for people that are willing to change, those that will go on and on relentlessly. Millions want to sit and be a Buddhist, it pleases them and why would I argue with that? Others want to deny

Doorkeepers and Exits

For the first time in decades, I’ve seen a chink of light. I’m scared to believe in what I am seeing but there it is. I saw a clear vision of a very large, brown, dirty looking blanket, covering a

The Road Less Travelled

Scott Peck wrote a famous book called, “The Road Less Travelled“, it was for a time in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest selling book of all time. The road less travelled is the spiritual path. Without it