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Fridge Gone Missing in Outback Australia

A friend of mine was invited to live and work in a remote Aboriginal community in Australia, home to one of the oldest living culture in the world.  The community has approximately 800 people, (about 65 homes and the population

Spiritual Practices, the Mobius Strip

Scientists calculated mathematically that the Universe is either, a smooth ball shape, or a lumpy ball, or a saddle shape. In the Aluna Mirror-Worlds one is shown that the saddle shape is correct. It the Pringle shape. The Mobius strip

Spiritual Practices

Here is a beautiful spiritual practice that I have not mentioned for a while. It is very powerful and protective. The Dies Irea Lay down head to the north, feet to the south facing up. Visualize winged, angelic beings all

The Wilde Weekly–The Mysterious Gardener

The Weekly Wilde is the Mysterious Gardener…it’s over at It’s from Stuart’s book of the old sages of China, “Plum Red”, click ad here to read more…   Plum Red – Taoist Tales of Old China by Stuart Wilde

Where The Raven Lands, Where to Go, What to Do

It is sensible for everyone to plan an exit, even if you will never need it. I recorded a two CD set called, “Where the Raven Lands”, people use the meditation CD to figure out where to go and what