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Avoiding Genetically Modified Foods

  Source: Whether Genetically Modified (GM) food is safe to eat or not is a topic of heated debate. Since GM foods are FDA approved, those concerned about the long term effects of consuming them are asking how exactly

Italy’s Biggest Gay Sauna Pays Rent to the Vatican

Source: The Italian newspaper La Repubblica has revealed that a building owned by the Vatican, houses not only a high-ranking church official, but also Italy’s largest gay bathhouse. The Holy See owns a $30 million share of an imposing palazzo in Via Carducci

News Scripted by one Writer

Short Video showing how the News is scripted by one person. SW (     Stuart Wilde Q & A Live by Stuart Wilde “A Lively and Witty Session with Stuart Wilde. This entertaining recording of a Stuart Wilde seminar

Fame –Seeks Immortality

James Arthur – 2012 X Factor Winner Fame and Fortune is the name of the game nowadays. Pop Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, Big Brother, X Factor; talent shows shoot ordinary people to stardom overnight. Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol The

5 Best Countries to Move to Before Collapse of the West

I found this article interesting except they recommend Mexico. I found it a bit dangerous. I was mugged by a policeman for $475 in Mexico city.  I would insert Ecuador for Mexico as it seems less violent, even though the