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5 Ways to Protect Your Internet Privacy

The idea that the creeps in power can hack your life willy nilly is not necessarily so. The Facebook…Tracebook man tracks your Internet moves after you leave his site… and…

Nicholoson Justice Minister

Canada Says “No” to Internet Snooping Bill

Canada is still civilized…see below. Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson in Canada says the controversial Bill C-30, known as the online surveillance or warrantless wiretapping bill, won’t go ahead due…


Abuse Victims Ask Court to Prosecute the Vatican–NY Times

Source New York Times Human rights lawyers and victims of clergy sexual abuse filed a complaint on Tuesday urging the International Criminal Court in The Hague to investigate and prosecute…

Strokkur in the Geysir area Credit line: Icelandic Tourist Board / Photo: Randall Hyman

Iceland’s Bid to Ban Web Porn

Iceland had a banking crisis but instead of dumping the debts on the people, they arrested one of the bankers and closed the banks and then they forgave the citizens’…


Internet Control Passes into Law

26 year old Aaron Swartz, the Internet pioneer who died recently, campaigned against CIPSA (Cyber Intelligence Protection and Sharing Act), the Internet’s Big Brother control law, and it was defeated….

Pulsing Smart Meter

Fixing the Electronic Pollution of Smart Meters

Utility companies in the US are installing Smart Meters that send a pulse back to the utility with information about your consumption. People object to them, because of the electromagnetic…


The Black Hearted Duck at Disneyland

A sweet looking family called Mr and Mrs White, are in fact black. Donald Duck at Disneyland is white and yellow. He refuses to hug black kids, which must be…


Strange Happenings at the Internet Forums

A friend of mine that is a bit of an Internet addict, posts on various chat forums each day. She posted the Rabbi pedo’ story I wrote on this site…


Polish Horse Meat In Your Burgers

At first Burger King denied their products contained horse meat, but eventually it was proven by DNA that 80% of their Whoppers and Cheese burgers are horse meat that they…


Saudi Pedophile Preacher Pays Blood Money to Escape Conviction

The pedophile thing is ugly. I wrote about the pedophile Rabbis in London abusing Jewish children, there are now 19 investigations into those crimes. See: Fayhan al-Ghamdi, a well-known Saudi cleric,…