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John Pilger Film–GAP’s Slave Workers Work 36 Hour Shifts

John Pilger is a very respected Pulitzer prize winner. Here is a film of his on GAP’s slaves in Indonesia that have to work 36 hour shifts for four cents a garment. GAP made 1.38 billion dollars last year. One

Wi-Fi Dangers

  Certain people, especially children, are very sensitive to WiFi signals. Don’t use a computer on your lap, it fries your sex organs and turn the modem off at night unplug it from the socket, so you are not radiated

Swine Flu Becoming Resistant to Tamiflu

I keep seeing the avian/swine flu visions, they seem to becoming more insistent, but I’m not worried we have the antidote. Here is an article about Tamiflu, which had Donald Rumsfeld as it’s CEO, which I’ve said before is utterly

A Brave Woman’s Noble Vision

This is an inspirational story of a brave woman, Christina Nobel, who lived in a hole she dug in a park in Dublin and she went on to found orphanages in Vietnam and later Mongolia. She says it can only

Chase Customers See Bank Balance Reduced to Zero

Customers of Chase saw their balances rubbed out to zero. “Computer glitch”, said the bank. “Dry run”, said Stuie W. “Chase” refers to the customers running after their money. Stuart Wilde Glitch Stokes Panic On Twitter Source: Paul Joseph