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The Power of 20 Million Protestors is a massive Internet site with 20 million members. They organize petitions against corruption and evil. A 15 year old girl that was raped in the Maldives was sentenced to 100 lashes as a punishment. The system of law or

Guccifer–King or Queen of the Hackers?

The hacker called Guccifer has won a lot of admirers. He/she hacked Hillary Clinton’s email and George Bush’s and now he/she has got Tony Blair right between the eyes. It seems Blair is a part of the occult Satanic goings-on

God Rot Our King ….Donations, Thank you all

I asked a few of you to click the “God Rot…” video and it went past 2222 in one day, which is what I needed, and on it went to 13,000 views, though the You Tube clicker has not caught

Activists Destroy Surveillance Cameras

Britain is an oppressive state, there are millions of cameras that are looking to fine divers, milking them for minor infractions of the law. The Bedford council have installed Britain’s shortest bus lane just 33 feet long. They are scamming

Cracking the Black Egg

The new anthem “God Rot our King” video is doing quite well it’s got to 1698 views. The counter has been stuck for a few days, You Tube messes with things. You Tube link:   I need it to