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The Vow at the Church

I was off today, nice. I went back to the little 13th Century church at Matravers, Dorset, England. The first record of the church was during the reign of King…


A Voice From Heaven Panis Angelicus Video

  Stuart Wilde Audio Lecture Series & Meditations Find Stuart Wilde’s Australian published audio lecture series and meditations on CD at the Quiet Earth web site—featuring a large selection of…

The Pope

Respond to Evil with Good

The Pope lost his contact lens on the carpet, while down there he said, “Respond to evil with good.” This new Pope is more humble than the last one, bodes…


Good Friday–Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Easter everyone. Today is Good Friday, Christians take time to remember the crucifixion of Jesus, and on Easter Sunday he was said to have risen from the dead. We…


Aung San Suu Kyi’s “Saffron Monks” Stalk Streets With Machetes

Aung San Suu Kyi’s “Saffron Monks” Stalk Streets With Machetes – Mass Slaughtering Refugees One thinks of Buddhism as one of the only peaceful religions in the world. But that…


Pope’s Arrest Imminent? Lawyers Probe Pope’s Legal Status

By Stuart Wilde Over 20 moles inside Vatican; ready to name names says La Repubblica interview see below: There was a story last week that the Pope would retire…

Aliens and the Vatican

The Pope and the Alien Greys

This video discusses the link between the alien Greys and the Vatican. The link is 100% definite in my view and the Greys are not space brothers, they are inner…

A Papal Guard (Image: The Guardian London)

Pope’s Resignation Linked to Blackmail Claims Italian Paper

Source John Hooper in Rome The Guardian, Friday 22 February 2013 Papal resignation linked to inquiry into ‘Vatican gay officials’, says paper Pope’s staff decline to confirm or deny La Repubblica claims…


Pope Seeks Immunity Protection from Italian President

Italian newspapers are reporting today that Pope Benedict is to seek immunity and protection from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on February 23 for allegations against the Pope of child sex crimes….


Abuse Victims Ask Court to Prosecute the Vatican–NY Times

Source New York Times Human rights lawyers and victims of clergy sexual abuse filed a complaint on Tuesday urging the International Criminal Court in The Hague to investigate and prosecute…