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Legs Eleven

Jennifer Lopez showed her sun tanned leg at the Grammy awards on Sunday, so did Angelina Jolie at last year’s Oscars. What we learned from this skin exposure is that Jennifer’s leg is fatter than Angelina’s, but both legs reach

The Teenage Vampire Vehicles

The codes being woven into the Matrix grid of our collective subconscious, from the Twilight series by Stephanie Myers, are rather dark and dubious. What I find disturbing is that Myers has sold over 116 million copies of her books world

Eddie Izzard- Death Star Canteen

The Collapse of CNN

Englishman Piers Morgan, replaced the legendary Larry King at CNN. King is not keen on Piers Morgan, he says Morgan injects himself too much into interviews and he does not let the other person speak. Morgan is so stuck up

The Obama Deception

This video, The Obama Deception, is very well put together with images and music. It is not all about Obama, it talks of the occult satanic forces in the world that permeate popular culture. Stuart Wilde The Art of