Category: Perception / ESP

Higher Knowing

The inner world intelligence that I see in trance, showed me that to “understand” things you have to be able to “withstand” them. What if the Higher Knowing you seek is something you don’t want to hear? Or, it’s something

The Crystal Forests Deep in the Earth

Deep in the earth at its core are crystal forests, the crystals are estimated to be twelve kilometers high. Under our feet I discovered a heaven world that I called the Fally-Down World because you have to etherically fall through

Perception & the Messengers of Deception

I said in my book Grace Gaia and the End of Days that perception is a gift of God. There is a technical reason for it. I think you’ll find it helpful. Extra sensory perception and inner knowing, which is

Perception, Redemption & Personal Safety

An Overview of the Global Karma I said in my books ages ago that the global-ego will now take a big hit, and that will force the collective global-shadow to come out. Suddenly we will see people’s evil out front,


A very long time ago I realized that discipline and perception are the key to everything. If you can develop extra sensory perception you become ever more safe. This 3-D reality exists in its solid form but it also exists