Category: Morph Worlds / Mirror Worlds

The Seventh Seal

I saw a vision of a large golden disk, it was behind my head, it was three or four feet across. On it were triangular segments like slices in a pie crust. On those segments were sacred formulas and ancient

Good News From the Ghoul Front

When I go in trance, I see a curved screen around me. It goes left and right and over my head. It’s as if I’m inside a dome. The screen is mainly dark, but it’s dotted with pin pricks of

Red Milk, Blue Milk

Two days ago I saw a vision of a milk bottle with a red top and next to it was mirror, and in the reflection the red milk bottle had a blue top—like the red pill-blue pill option in the

Matrix of Control is Breaking Down

I think the Matrix is dying, in places anyway. A few weeks ago I saw a multi-dimensional sheet (dimension) in my room, it was 10 feet long with symmetrical black dots evenly spaced, it had a thickness of maybe four

Fall of the Grand Lies

We can see that the ghouls in the Aluna-Mirror-World are dying in vast numbers (billions), and the Matrix of control around us is cracking up. I can watch that in the inner-worlds day-to-day, it’s mortally wounded. There are vast holes