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The Mystery of Gaia and the Archway of Roses

Exactitude is a spiritual quality. It takes you from diffused and sometimes dishonest to being precise with people and more real. Now here enters the goddess and a comprehension of the wider journey for in essence the Morph that I

The Doors of Perception

It’s quirky we humans are born into a dimension/world in which most of the meaningful activity is hidden from us—it our karma is to be blind. We live in a fractal world of extraordinary beauty, full of information but the

The Crystal Forests Deep in the Earth

Deep in the earth at its core are crystal forests, the crystals are estimated to be twelve kilometers high. Under our feet I discovered a heaven world that I called the Fally-Down World because you have to etherically fall through

David Icke is Right about the Reptiles

David Icke has just been made victim of a hatchet job, that appeared in the Daily Mail in London. They were questioning his success and alluding to his supposedly vast cash flow. If you take Internet traffic (see below) as

Parallel Dimensions the 11th

Here is a great video with graphics where the famous scientist Michio Kaku talks about the shape of the 11th dimension. What is so fascinating is that the shapes, donuts and tubes have been arrived at mathematically, and these are