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Resolve to Escape

My ol’ teacher said that before you are born you choose your parents and that you have an overview of the circumstances and beliefs that you are to be born into, he even said you have a comprehension of the

The Hospitalers

The Knights of St. John of Malta were known as the Hospitalers (pronounced hos-pita-lers). They were warrior knights as well as medics. They defended the routes to the Holy Land and they set up hospitals for the crusaders and pilgrims

How Does it all End?

Sorry this is a bit long but I think you’ll find it very interesting. First, how did it get this way? A group of people attempted to control the world because they saw themselves as very special, they had no

Sleepless Nights

If you are on the spiritual journey and you garner a modicum of light, you’ll most likely get attacked at night by the ghouls, you just have to endure it. The light gives you energy and the ghouls try to

What the Christ Light Looks Like

The Christ light looks exactly like this amazing, white light animation below, except it seems to strobe round a room horizontally not so much up and down as in this animation, it travels around the room at a height of