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The Initiates

by Stuart Wilde ( Reposted from April, 2005 — A-List Article My old teacher was decades ahead of his time and a master of the gap. He knew this place wasn’t solid, and he was fearless in the way he

The Heavenly Hosts

One night I went into the mirror worlds with a friend of mine. We sat on a sofa and closed our eyes and we described what we were watching. He’d mention a little bridge in a forest and a path that

New Diana Story

I saw nine visions of the death of Diana, one vision played as a video clip in my mind’s eye. The clip repeated itself over and over for four hours. In the clip the car came down the ramp of

God of the Sky

I saw a series of fourteen visions, that played as full-color video clips that appeared in my mind’s eye, each vision lasted about 90-120 seconds. They were visions of a sky that was bright shiny gold and the clouds were

The Hidden Power of Metaphysics

The hidden power of metaphysics is that it offers the story behind the story. I’m  asked sometimes what is metaphysics?  It’s the study of unseen energies and other realities. The term metaphysics is derived from the Greek Ta Meta ta Physkia which