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Victory in Sight

I’m sure my readers must consider me very odd as I write about wars in the multi-dimensional hell worlds, some readers fled because they don’t want to hear that stuff, that’s to be expected, but fear of the dark is

The Wilde Weekly: Mr Smith & the Cult of the Chosen Ones

  The Wilde Weekly is at It’s Mr Smith & the Cult of the Chosen Ones this week. Stuart Wilde. Click:

America, Iran & the Possible End of Israel

There is talk of Iran building a bomb and nuking Israel, it’s all silliness–paranoia politics. Iran can buy a nuclear warhead in the black market. I’m sure they already have, some are quite small.  The Russian W-87 pictured here is waist

Journey to a Far Away Land

Traveling beyond Shadow and into the Celestial. I went on a journey for three and half years through the Morph* to a far away land, beyond the human shadow to a Mirror World and dimensions beyond. At times, I lay

Journeys to the Deepest Worlds

Sometimes I travel with the Aluna soldiers and visionaries down to the deepest hell worlds, where the beings are very ancient and very evil; they are various manifestations of deformed monsters, grotesque, and dead humans, not a pretty sight! Some