Category: Metaphysics

Fighting off the Dark Neighbours

One of our readers explained how she fought against the black attention of her dark neighbours. I thought what she saw was very interesting, as she made a stand against forces that were making her feel unwell. Letter from a


Millions of humans are moving towards ascension without realizing it.  As you develop ESP and intuition, you eventually see visions of other dimensions, you may also see some of the trillions of beings that are in there. The sight of

Perception & Sensuality

All perception comes from softness so sensuality and softness go hand in hand. Psychic powers are a mental capacity and fraught with misinterpretation and interference from untoward energies. Softness is the morning mist of the eternal Tao—its ebb and flow


Your power and your safety is in a fractal-code that is housed in the component of your total light; your luminosity. It is your light that keeps you safe from dark forces. During a weekend seminar recently, I talked about

Field of Dreams

We live in a mundane world, earning money, paying the rent and trying to keep our families fed. But beyond the control that that exercises over us, there is the field of dreams. Without the glory and the hope of