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Madrid Bullring Roof Collapses

They tried to build a roof for La Ventas, the main bullring in Madrid but it has collapsed. Tee hee. Symptomatic of what is coming next. Here is what our reporter on the bulls said: From our reporter: Just to let you know

The Divisions ….Are Resolved Eventually in The Brave New World

By Stuart Wilde I go through about 100 Internet articles and a dozen YouTubes a day looking for snippets the Stuie Wilde readers might like. A lot of the Internet is rants and hatred, people pitted against each other. Then

93 Year Old Kills Wife of 70 years Because He Couldnt Take It Anymore

This one is sad but quirky. Harry Irwin of Kansas City USA, stabbed his wife of 70 years as he couldn’t take her nagging anymore. Then he stabbed himself in the chest. When the paramedics found him he asked, “Why

Witch Doctor’s House Hit by Mysterious Lightening Bolt

A business man in Zimbabwe called Clever Kamudzeya was visiting a witch doctor, they are called sagnomas, and witchcraft is also known as JuJu, a bolt of lighting hit the house and killed five people. Of course, lightening doesn’t explode

Sexting–Sending Nude Photos Via Mobile Phones

Sexting, is a modern phenomena, it’s the act of sending sexually explicit photographs, nude pics and texts between mobile phones, it is becoming ever more prevalent amongst teenagers. In a candid article in The Telegraph (Jan 23rd 2013) Allison Pearson