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Official History and True History

Sometimes, I enjoy writing pieces on true history. I hope they don’t shock my readers too much. The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor 1941, was not a surprise. Roosevelt knew days in advance the Japanese were coming. He deliberately sacrificed

Is Senator McCain an Archon?

By Stuart Wilde. The Archons are an inner race of cold, cruel beings that incarnate here on earth as humans, they are spirits from a hell world; they worm their way into power. Archon means lord or ruler. The Archons

Arrested Development

Wouldn’t it be a grand day if some of the main mass murders in the world got nicked. I’m sure the day is coming but it’s just a feeling I have, there is not any logic to it as yet.

The Weekly Wilde: The Inner Child & the Outer Grown-up

This week’s Wilde Weekly “The Inner Child & the Outer Grown-up” is over at Click Here for Article   Developing More Self-Confidence by Stuart Wilde “Take Charge of Your Life in Strength and Balance. In this compelling and information

Glow Worm Tribes

Imprinted on the human body are codes of tubes and lines and mathematics/geometries that normally are not visible to the naked eye. If you process your shadow, and if you have taken Ayahuasca you’ll start to see the codes. Some