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Internet Surveillance–Access Denied

  Joe Lieberman, the prominent Zionist US senator received his rabbinic ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. He wants Obama to control the Internet with censorship. The authorites have been spooked out after Wikileaks exposed them by posting a million

Inside the National Karma

I wrote about your personal karma and that of course is set inside a national karma. The national karma can be deadly, one million Iraqis were killed by the Americans and the allies. Here’s a video from wikileaks that really

Bent News CNN

60% of Americans no longer watch the news on the main channels; ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN. Only 19% believe the official 911 story. People know they are being feed lies. The Networks will collapse eventually. Here is a story about

Improving Your Karma Instantly

Most of your karma is instant karma, life’s event flow to you as an outer manifestation of the balance and imbalance of your inner soul/mind. You see whatever you think and feel and some karma comes from your actions day-to-day.

Curing the Agony of “Teenage Daughter Syndrome”

The modern teenager is exposed to many threats and temptations, the moral degradation of the world has made these innocent children fair game for drug peddlers and pedophiles. Watching music videos the modern teenage girl soon learns the power she