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Iran Attack …Snoredom–Update

Politics is jolly boring but the Iran thing is important as it could plunge the world into economic collapse. Obama is not up for bombing Iran, so he gave…sold, they…


New York Times: FBI Hatches Terror Plots

The mother of the two alleged moslem Boston bombers said in an interview with Russia Today that both of her sons were in regular contact with the FBI for a…


Strawberries & Scream

30 workers were shot and killed at a strawberry farm in Greece when they demanded wages that had not to been paid to them for six months. Some escaped. The…

George Soros

Reuters Releases George Soros Obituary By Mistake

Source:  Tyler Durdan Reuters Releases George Soros Obituary By Mistake: “Enigmatic Financier, Liberal Philanthropist Dies At XXX Reuters erroneously published an advance obituary of financier and philanthropist George Soros. A…


Explosion Waco Texas (Vid 55 seconds)

This video is spectacular, the family involved seem to have survived, God knows how. The explosion happens at 30 seconds into the vid’. It registered as a 2.1 earthquake. SW…


Blair Photo Op

I wonder how long Tony Blair is going to last. His karma is so violent that he must be in extreme danger. I don’t know much about how the “vengeance…


Train Spotting through the Souls of the Dead

By Stuart Wilde I went to Kings Cross tube station to pray for the souls of those that were murdered on 7/7/2005. There is a tiny plaque on the wall…


The Wilde Weekly: Resolve to Escape

  The Wilde Weekly is at It’s Resolve to Escape this week. Stuart Wilde. Click:


I’ve Won Bill Gates’ Condom Prize (I Think)

By Stuart Wilde. Bill Gates is offering a $100,00 for the design of a new condom. I think I’ve won. I’ve made it big enough to go over the dork’s…