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Rome Tomorrow Friday 2pm-4pm

Next Healing Sessions: Rome – Friday, October 19th 2012 2:00 pm ’till 4:00 pm Click HEALINGS BY SW for further details.

Lazy Man’s Guide to Simple Weight Loss

If you are a little out of shape and it’s affecting your mobility or your energy levels here’s a solution.                   First you have to get out of any denial, as denial

Is Artificial Sweetener Destroying Your Health?

This article is must reading. We have heard there is a problem with certain artificial sweeteners, but now it is certain. You need to tell any of your friends who use the sweeteners involved to read this page, or print

Volterra, Italy Tomorrow

  The Italian healings in Turin went great yesterday, 102 people came. Volterra Tuscany tomorrow. Volterra – Tuesday, October 16th 2012  4 pm – 6 pm Bar/Restaurant: ‘Il Giardinetto’ Piazza XX Settembre, 12 Volterra Call Ms. Ivana +39 338 28 36 111

Toxic Tuna Video

Food is becoming a problem as the world becomes more toxic. This video says you should limit your children to six ounces of tuna a week, because the mercury in the oceans is ingested by the fish. Stuart Wilde ©