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Animal Rescue

Recently, my friends and I have quite unwittingly become animal rescuers. I love the birds, they sing to the flowers and trees and their music heals Gaia. I feed them seeds…


HAARP Weather Stats

I check the Ionosphere HAARP stats a few times day to see if there is anything brewing in the weather, or on the earthquake front. This map is America but…

Shoel of Fish

Thoughts Forming in a Fish

Animals have thoughts, feeling and emotions, they express love amongst their animal families and to humans. Now scientists have tracked thoughts forming in a fish’s mind. This pic is of…


18 Giant Skulls Found in Wisconsin

I’m going to do a piece on the ancient civilizations of men and women that stood 10-12 feet high, the burial finds are common nowadays, many have been found. I’ll…


The Pole Shift Handle

I saw something. Imagine if you could knock off an evil politician and get away with it, the next day they would appoint another. Then you fry a banker on…

rings jpg

Exciting New Developments on the Gaia Front

I’ve prayed for liberation every night for twenty years or more. It’s arrived. I saw a golden globe, like a bauble one might hang on a Christmas tree, but it was…


Do Humans Hurt Nature with their Thoughts, Feelings & Actions?

I saw an extraordinary vision that made we wonder if humans can kill nature with their thoughts, feelings and actions. It’s been documented that certain people’s house plants die or…

Tacoma Bridge 1940

Bridge Collapses in Gale

This vid’ below of a bridge collapsing happened in 1940, but it’s fun to watch, it shows you what Gaia can do when she concentrates hard enough. Stuart Wilde Source…


Horsemeat Found in Beefburgers on Sale at Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Dunnes

Vote with your Feet on Meat it’s Safer that Way Horse Meat Story Source BBC   Related Story Horse DNA has been found in some beefburgers being sold in UK…

eath chnage map

Earth Changes, Huge Rise in the Waters

I’ve seen very few visions for 2013, except war and false flag operations. Then a few nights ago I saw a very impacting vision of high waters and earth changes….