Category: Gaia / Earth Changes

How Gaia Wins in the End

in contrast to all the ugliness and arrogance there is this. This is how Gaia wins in the end, beauty triumphs, she brings the corruption to its knees. We are safe in her hands. (sw) This video is beyond extraordinary.

Dog Singing at the Piano

Absolutely Brilliant…sw   Ancient Wisdoms by Stuart Wilde “The Path of the Unknown Sages. On this recording Stuart Wilde discusses the evolutions of mankind through the great civilizations. He gives you techniques for using the Ancient Wisdoms in your life

Pig Rescues Little Goat

I love this video, people that say animals don’t have intelligence or feelings are unware of life. SW © 2012 — Stuart Wilde. — All rights reserved.

The Unicorns

The magical animals like the white tiger and the white lion and the white zebra, appear to me all the time during the healings, they are there for the protection of humans.   Sometimes I see the unicorns, one day

The Souls of Animals

I have always believed humans have an eternal soul but I wasn’t sure if animals were the same. Then in 2001, myself and others, started to see the Morph, a transdimensional phenomena that pervades a room with swirls, vortexes and