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A Win for the Bees: EU Votes to Ban Bee-Harming Pesticides

A Win for the Bees: EU Votes to Ban Bee-Harming Pesticides Victory for bees, but more must be done to ensure safety of bee population, global food – Jacob Chamberlain,…


Animals Have Emotions

This dog here in this Vid (10 seconds) seems to be grieving at the grave of its owner grandmother. Wolves howl for days when one of their pack dies. Animals…


Methane Outbreak Alert!

by Robert Hunziker After the non-happening global warming from CO2, now scientists worry about methane. It’s interesting to read. See below …SW   A cadre of the world’s top climate…


Dew Drops

Beyond the Dew Drops is peace and our eternity. The final solution, beyond pain, and onwards towards our homecoming. Stuart Wilde (

Seal pup

Seal Pup Wants to Cuddle Video

This video (2:02 mins) is so sweet…. Stuart Wilde (


Hot Water Geyser in Russian Parking Lot

I liked this one, there is no sound on the video but it’s quite good fun Sw     Read More:


Chicago Sinkhole

I feel sorry for people that wind up down a hole suddenly. This one opened up in the street of the Chicago neighborhood of South Deering, it swallowed three cars…


Silver Production Vaporizes in Land Slide

16% of the US’s silver production has just been vaporized in a landslide. See Story below. In theory silver should be going up but Bernanke and Feds are the Wall…


Help Restore the Immune System with Lavender

Source: The Best Years In Life, by Luella May The sweet scent of lavender connotes flowers on the hillside and romance, but there is more. Lavender is one of the…