Category: Feminine Spirit / Goddess

Mary the Eternal Goddess

I’ve seen many visions of Mary the Mother of God. In one vision she was next to my bed bending over me, watching me. In the Bible Mary is described as a young girl, the wife of Joseph, the mother

End of Crop Circles

Years ago I saw a massively powerful vortex pulsing at about the height of the top of Silbury Hill in the center of the crop circle area of England. The pulses went in waves across the countryside destroying the ghouls’

The Hippie Caravan

I bought an old caravan and I got a book illustrator friend of mine with an artist from San Francisco to paint it for me. I’m going to tow it to sacred sites and see who rocks up. I’m hoping

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

My mate Emmanuel from Germany came for a visit…. so I stuck this up for a laugh. It is a beautiful song if you have time to listen to it. I added a verse to the traditional lyrics. Cecilia is

My ol’ Teacher Said Hitler Would Return

My ol’ teacher said in 1976 that Hitler would come back and that fascism would return, and he went on to say that when that happened the Tao would return and the Feminine spirit would come.   I didn’t know