Category: Feminine Spirit / Goddess

Sweet Freedom’s Kiss

Sweet Freedom’s Kiss, Tim Wheater, Heartland (Almo Records). Music: David Lord, Lyrics: Stuart Wilde Sopranos: Sarah Leonard, Cecilia, Altos: Winchester College Boys’ Choir (Founded in 1382) “How long must we wait for Sweet Freedom’s Kiss, how Long? How high must we

Rome’s Radiation & The Stone Horse

We check people that come to the healings with a Geiger Counter to see if their radiation levels are high. If they are, I do an extra process on them, it only takes a minute, it seems to get the

Physical Beauty

I‘ve often wondered if people that are physically very beautiful are superior spirits. The reason I questioned it is because, when one sees beings in the inner world that are celestial, they are always very beautiful. I’ve seen Jesus 400+

An Awesome Journey

You may have noticed that since January things have gotten lighter. From time to time, little invisible ‘hope bubbles’ burst around you, and for a brief moment you glimpse the answers and you know everything will be fine. There is

The Renewal

Worlds in Collision Our three dimensions are extremely yang. It’s a violent universe. And this is a hardnosed, yang planet, run by males to their greater glory. But that may change. The arrival of the feminine spirit seems to be