Category: Feminine Spirit / Goddess

The Feminine Spirit Vision

I saw a god-like female appear to me. She was standing in a garden between two mounds covered in grass, they were about eight feet high.  She had thousands of diamonds sparkling in her etheric energy. She watched me for

A Brave Woman’s Noble Vision

This is an inspirational story of a brave woman, Christina Nobel, who lived in a hole she dug in a park in Dublin and she went on to found orphanages in Vietnam and later Mongolia. She says it can only

The Lady Fair at Bedtime

I saw a vision of a very fine, very delicate lady in her bedroom, she wore a long white dress to the ground that was of heavy lace, it’s not really a nightdress it was more formal than that, maybe

Sexting–Sending Nude Photos Via Mobile Phones

Sexting, is a modern phenomena, it’s the act of sending sexually explicit photographs, nude pics and texts between mobile phones, it is becoming ever more prevalent amongst teenagers. In a candid article in The Telegraph (Jan 23rd 2013) Allison Pearson

The Wilde Weekly: Ballet Lessons

This Week’s ‘Wilde Weekly’ is called, Ballet Lessons. It’s a story of softness. It’s over at zen-haven: